Friday, May 14, 2010

Eric Graham Evaluation

Eric is famous in On-line Marketing arenas as "The Conversion Doctor".

After becoming an avid subscriber of The Conversion Doctor's blog more than two years now, I do believe it to be one of the more fantastic resources for understanding how you can increase your online sales available anywhere.

Eric shares testing results totally free that most other guru's request thousands for.

So it is clear why when the top guru's and Internet Marketers want advice fixing their own web pages conversion rates they all hire The Conversion Doctor for help.

Eric Graham has additionally built a good reputation as one of the more sought after speakers in the industry, speaking at workshops hosted by Matt Bacak, Ray Edwards, Armand Morin, Russell Brunson and numerous others.

Fortunatly I had the chance to see Eric speak live at Armand Morin's "Big Seminar" a couple years back and through acting on and employing the suggestions he gave from stage I massively increased my online profits.

That is most likely the reason why he has built a reputation as a leading conversion and online marketing expert.

The thing that I like most in what Eric teaches, is the fact that, as opposed to other so called " experts ", everything Eric talks about is founded on real-world testing results not regurgitated theory.

From what I understand Eric has personally ran and conducted over 6,000 split and multivariate tests on the internet in a multitude of distinct markets.

A true internet marketing pioneer Eric has been selling his products and services online since 1994.

Unlike many consultants, Eric continues to be in the trenches and is aware of what gets results and what won't from individual experience, not merely from academic theory. Eric is the owner and President of many highly successful offline and online enterprises.

From his web site evaluations to his copy writing services his services as a speaker, marketing consultant, copywriter, coach and writer are in very high demand as a result of his knack for fixing problems and significantly boosting sales for his clients.

Eric's clients come from many different industries, from Aviation, Security, Finance and Medicine to Sports and Entertainment. Companies both big and small have counted on Eric's passion, vision and uncanny capability to discover the underperforming areas of their business and capitalize on unseen opportunities to maximise their income and profitability.

Although his client list is large and varied, all of them have a very important factor in common, they've all profited tremendously from Eric's knowledge, abilities and help.

So bottom line, Eric's conversion rate blog is really a need to see. Of course, if you actually get the opportunity to hear him as a presenter at an event, you need to do anything it takes to get there.

And also to receive Eric's private one-on-one advice with your own online business, invest in one of his comprehensive Website Evaluations!


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